Go to Elementor > Element Pack Settings > API Settings and you will find Google Map API Key field. You have to put your API key there.

google map api

1.Go to Plugins > Add New

mannually plugins 1
2. Next, Click Upload Plugin 
mannually plugins 2

3. And Pick the Reqiured Plugin Zip File Form Extras > Useful PLugins Folder Form Theme File.

Screenshot 13 1

4. Now, click Choose File

Screenshot 30 1
5. Next, click Install Now to start the installation process.
mannually plugins 5

6. Now, Install All Plugins One By One. Form The Folder.

Screenshot 30 1
1.Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data
Screenshot 2 2
2. Now, Click Switch to manual import!.
mannually import demodata 2

3. Now, Choose File form Theme file > inc Folder > ocdi > demo Files >

  • coursia-theme-wp.xml
  • coursia-theme-widgets.wie
  • coursia-theme-customizer.dat

(note: see file extention & choose file carefully)

mannually import 3
Screenshot 31
Screenshot 32
4.  click Import button to start importation of the demo website.
import demo 1

5. Please wait until the demo data is imported properly because it may take a while.

please wait 1

6. And finally when demo data importation is finished successfully, you will see a confirmation message.

demo inport complete 1

1. Go to Appearance >Themes

Screenshot 33

2. Click Activate Button >Twenty Twenty Theme

update theme 2

3. Click Theme Details

Screenshot 34
4. Delete coursia Parent Theme. Do Not coursia-child Theme.
update theme 4
5. Next, Click Upload Theme to upload the latest version of the Theme file.
Screenshot update theme
6. Now, click Choose File and Pick the coursia-wp.zip file from your PC to upload it.
Screenshot 4

7. When the coursia-wp.zip file is uploaded and installed completely you will see “Theme installed successfully” message. But you should not activate this one, because when Coursiatheme will be updated to a later version all modification you have made directly in the Coursia theme will be lost . Hence, we suggest you to install and activate the Coursia Child theme we provide for your convenience.

Screenshot 35

8. Finally, Click Activate Button to activate the Child theme.

Screenshot 36